Friday, June 25, 2010

Man Vs. Machine

So the other day, I pulled up to my friends house, got out of the car, and i was in the process of getting my violin out of the back seat when I began to fall over. I was kinda embarrassed at my lack of balance until i kept leaning more and more to my left. My feet were firmly planted on solid ground but my car was rolling. Ahh! My embarrassment turned immediately into panic mode as the car began to leave my off balance body behind. In an act of heroism that would have made Indiana Jones proud, I thrust myself back into the car. I awkwardly propelled myself forward and my hand scrambled to try and grab the parking break lever in the front seat. This battle of man vs. machine made the temple of doom look like a picnic but alas, my hand found its target and the car stopped. I was immediately sent back to embarrassed mode as I saw several passer by-ers staring, but now its just funny.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Worse Than Being on a Bad Date...Paying For it!

So I have been on soooo many bad dates in the last few weeks that I have decided to create a blog and use this as my personal venting garbage disposal. Let us begin: So, tonight I went on my first date with...we'll call him George to save his dignity. I had only met George briefly when he asked me out so basically I was going on a date with a perfect stranger. He shows up to get me and tells me to grab my camera and he then informs me that we will be returning to my apartment later to cook some food. Uh...ok, I thought. We did a pic scavenger hunt type thing and since my camera was out of memory I had to delete some of my pictures to make room for stupid things like me awkwardly standing next to a man with a beard and a pot belly. Oh but wait, the fun had just begun. For the second part of the date we went to WalMart and we had $1 to buy our dinner with. Yes, $1. But then he threw in a bonus rule saying that we could also use any of the food in my apartment. Are you kidding me?! So basically, not only was I on the hunt for something that was cheap but something that was quick and didn't deplete my months allotment of grociery funds. To sum it all up, he spent $1 on me -which is completely fine, except for the fact that I subsidised the use of my camera, the last of me and Brooke's milk and several of my precious apples. Lets just say that its a good thing he lingered forever becuase that's the last he'll see of me.